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Hi! This is Me, Rachael.

When I started my journey in college of what I wanted to be when I grew up, I never thought about becoming a Virtual Assistant or that I could have my own business.  So instead I started as a stage manager in the theatre world.  If you don't know what the stage manager does for a production, she basically does all the administrative work.  From initial design meeting agendas, notes and follow ups to calling the shots after the producers and director go home after opening night.  The Stage manager is the center of the production wheel.  I LOVED IT!

When it became clear that I really couldn't do stage managing and raise a family, I took the skills I learned working with numerous directors, designers, and actors to the non-profit and corporate world.  Not as different as you might imagine...the information changed, but basically the same work.  STILL, I LOVED IT!

Factoring in a husband and two children, I was happy to be a corporate drone and assist my peers.  However, the powers that be decided that I wasn't to stay put and offered me a way out.  That's when I found AssistU and the Virtual Assistance Profession.  A business owner and doing the work that I love, SO COOL!!!!

So I signed up for the Virtual Training Program (VTP), wrote a business plan and determined my ideal client profile and away I went into the virtual world of assisting small business owners by taking over the administrative tasks that they don't like and I enjoy.  Over the last few years, i've narrowed down my focus to a target need: Maintaining Connections.  I specialize in helping my clients stay in touch with their clients by freeing up their time, sending out creatively designed email marketing campaigns with Constant Contact , sending out personalized cards with Send Out Cards, or finding the right gift or giveaway with promotional products.

Personally, I live in Santee, CA with my husband and two children.  I'm an active member at my temple, working as a preschool Sunday morning teacher, grades 2-4 Youth Group Leader, and communications coordinator for the Torah/Hebrew school committee.  I enjoy spending time at home cuddling with my family, organizing Girls Night Out with my friends, and reading a good book.

I'd love to see if the work you need is the work I do and if we'd be a good fit, so check out my site and connect with me. 



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